I have shared this information out to you before but we have recently had a website updated that changed the specific links but the scholarships are still open. Please review the list below!


Statewide scholarships: 

GCI Scholarship : Deadline 3/18 

Chef Cotter Scholarship : Deadline 3/31 

Harry H. Hirshik Scholarship Fund : Deadline 3/31 

JJ Klein Scholarship : Deadline 3/31 

Liam Hood Memorial Scholarship : Deadline 3/31 

Tim Akers Memorial Scholarship : Deadline 3/31 

David E. Knox Memorial Nursing Fellowship : Deadline 4/8 

Dorothy and Dona Lee Croft String Music Scholarship : Deadline 4/8 

Dream to Fly: Jeff Cheng Memorial Scholarship : Deadline 4/8 

Gary Martin Swim Scholarship : Deadline 4/8 

Kathryn E. and John P. Doyle Scholarship : Deadline 4/8  

Scott Fibranz Memorial Baseball & Softball Scholarship : Deadline 4/8 

Senator Bettye Davis Memorial Scholarship : Deadline 4/8 

Shelly Szepanski Memorial Flight Scholarship : Deadline 4/8 

Sven E. and Lorraine Eriksson Scholarship : Deadline 4/8  

Dr. John Halligan Scholarship : Deadline 4/8  

There are opportunities for students both statewide, within specific regions and specific schools. If you or your students have any questions, I’m available by phone, e-mail, Zoom.


  Have a great day! 



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Senior Program Officer of Grants & Scholarships

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