Fall School Reopening  Plans

Fall School Reopening Plans

Jeffery A. Bader Memorial School will continue the schedule as we have had this spring, full day, face to face. Top of the Kuskokwim School will be open full...

Scholarship Oppotunities

I have shared this information out to you before but we have recently had a website updated that changed the specific links but the scholarships are still open. Please...

District Communication Plan

This communications plan will serve as a guide for the Iditarod Area School District communications strategies for the 2022-2024 school years. It will ensure the...



Joyanne Hamilton

Joyanne Hamilton

about 1 month ago

BUSY TIMES! WOWIE! 4th quarter, testing, finishing up the school year; OH, MY! We haven't been able to have a quorum of schools due to do many things. I am thinking that maybe the last week of April will be open for a meeting? Shall we try? Our last meeting was March 17 and we've rescheduled our end of March meeting twice now. Schools are involved in PEAKS Testing for the next few weeks as well. How does April 27 grab you for an SGA Regular Meeting? We need two things done: Ratify the updated Bylaws and Constitution, and check on school's progress on the IASD SGA COOKBOOK! Hope to see you there.

Joyanne Hamilton

Joyanne Hamilton

3 months ago

The IASD Student Government Association represents the interests of students from Grayling, Anvik, Holy Cross and Shageluk on the Yukon side of the Beaver Mountains, and Takotna, Nikolai, and McGrath from the Kuskokwim side of IASD.

Officers for the 2020-2021 School Year:
Chairperson: Elizabeth Golilie, Grayling
Vice-Chair: Elexie Arrow, Shageluk
Treasurer: Lucille Alexi, Nikolai
Secretary: Natasha Cox, Shageluk
Kuskokwim IASD Student Board Representative: Destini Paxton, Takotna
Yukon IASD Student Board Representative: Brooke Demientieff, Holy Cross

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