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We are pleased to have the opportunity to showcase grant and funding updates from the past year: 

  • Received a grant from TCC for $236,000 to assist with tutoring in reading and math and purchased 42 iPads for students.
  • Received $52,987 in JOM dollars
  • Received another grant to purchase new iPads and laptops (student device ratio 3:1)
  • $3,737,689 was awarded in the TRAILS grant for Literacy
  • Grayling has received a grant in the amount of $38,591 for Johnson O'Malley
  • Holy Cross has received a grant in the amount of $33,575 for Johnson O'Malley
  • Reading Symposium in Anchorage and state-funded $20,000 to send 11 teachers/staff 
  • Received Connectivity Grant in the amount of $500,000 
  • A CIP report was compiled for future planning and grant writing.

And we are happy to report continued growth for this year!  

  • Received the FUTURES Grant for 7-12th Graders in the amount of $2.5 M. This grant is for the next five years at $500,000 per year. With our new FUTURES grant we are getting Acellus Gold laptops for 10 students. These laptops will not allow students to go anywhere but to the Acellus program. 
  • We were awarded the COPS Grant for the security of $376K for Grayling and Holy Cross. 
  • We received another $308,000 in the Connectivity grant giving us a total of $803,000. We will need to discuss this and GCI's backing out of their commitment to do the installation.
  • Housing grant for Holy Cross was awarded and new construction should start in the spring.
  • Takotna and Grayling received an additional $50,000 in grants for the 23-24 School Year

Currently in progress: 

  • Applied for an RUS grant to fund Simulation equipment to train the students on Crane operations, Back-hoe, Skid-Steer, bulldozer, forklift, and other Heavy Equipment operations.
  • This grant would also cover a new Fiber Optic board to teach students how to splice Fiber Option cables. This was forward thinking in being in the know about future jobs for our students.
  • Our tutoring Grant was rolled over, so we can still spend the balance this year.
  • The 2024 CIP listing just came out on Friday, and we are #3 on the list to fund almost $6,000,000 for a new school in Anvik. 
  • The housing grant was written for Holy Cross. We should know in January if that will be awarded.