Phlight Club Photos from 2018 YIK Days

Phlight Club was a chance for students to get out of their comfort zones, but have a lot of fun while doing it. During Phlight Club we did trust falls, team building activities, and had group discussions about ROY G BIV. The team building activities included: teams carrying students above their heads like superman, lifting students through a spider-web set-up, lifting students over a rope about 5 feet high, and moving a group on a tarp across the gym without touching the floor with our feet. We learned to always stay positive, trust one another, and that we work better as a team.

*ROY G BIV is an acronym

R = Rule of 5 (5 Caring Adults in your life)

O= Intangible Strings

Y= Tangible Strings

G= Growing the Balloon

B= Scissors Cuts

I = Caring for the Carers

V= Social Norms

This was written by students from our Photography Class