IASD Going Green Simultaneously Program
Friday, August 31, 2018

Recommitment to

Resolution 03-2011

IASD Going Green Simultaneously Program


WHEREAS:            Students in IASD are aware of trash laying around the school and around town,

WHEREAS:            Students in IASD realize that we don’t recycle a lot at school, we just take it to the dump and burn it, and

WHEREAS:            Students in IASD don’t really care any more about recycling

WHEREAS:            Students in IASD recognizes that there is a lack of leadership to lead

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED:           by the student government of the Iditarod Area School District, that

We, the Iditarod Area School District Student Government Association believe that collectively as district students, we can make a positive change and be a model for the entire state if we:

  • Show leadership in the area of recycling at each of our schools.
  • Designate a time one hour per week, in which all schools simultaneously do something “green”
  • Every school will have a report on what they are doing “green” at their school and will share it with the SGA at every meeting.

(gathering recycling materials, stomping cans, recycling paper, gathering ink/toner cartridges, picking up trash on school grounds or other designated area or creating something from trash, turning off the lights in the school for one hour, etc.)



Submitted by:

James Rine, Chairperson, IASD SGA

November 8, 2011

 Recommitted March 18, 2018