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Vinginh łeggided iligh. The month that eels swim. Łeggided no' Eel moon

8 months ago Joyanne Hamilton

​Hi everybody. At the end of the previous two years, I've worked with students to create a video that recaps our entire school year. I usually play it during graduation. Yesterday, my students asked me again to show them the video of last year. They love it and get so much enjoyment from seeing all the fun things they've done at school and with the community. I would highly recommend offering this as a year-long project to your students and helping them create a really cool video of the entire year. It's similar to a year-book, but less involved. View our 2016-2017 video On the David Louis Memorial School page for reference. Just thought it would be cool to see other schools do this too! It's probably great content for district and school websites too. Have a good day tomorrow! Michael Gens

9 months ago Betty Rodgers

Shagluk posted a new video. Check it out! Go to Innoko River School to view the video!

9 months ago Betty Rodgers
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