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Handbook for Alaska Educators

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National Family Partnership - Red Ribbon Week

We are excited to share with you a list of online activities we have planned for this year’s National Red Ribbon Week. Please mark your calendar from October 23 through 31 and join us as we celebrate being drug-free. Please help us spread the word by sharing the attached document with teachers and administrators in your district. All events are free and open to the public.

The attached activities sheet includes details about the following:

oThe National Red Ribbon Week Photo Contest

oAn online virtual presentation about vaping

oOur Social Media Challenge – Win a $25 Amazon gift card!

oThe Red Ribbon Theme Contest

Be sure to stay in touch with us via Twitter & Facebook @RedRibbonWeek and on Instagram @RedRibbonCampaign. Visit our website www.RedRibbon.org for event updates.


Anne Jean-Baptiste

National Family Partnership

2490 Coral Way

Miami, FL 33145

(305) 856-4886 Ext: 1304

Youtube presentation on "Confidentiality"

MAP Help:

Help Center Link: Videos and directions for setting up testing and giving the assessment

Print Resource for Testing: Script for students with actions and steps (attached is a simple chart for actions to take while testing that I clipped from the Help Center link)

Student Resources: Videos and practice to prepare students

Profession Learning Online: You can alsolog into thecoursesin Professional Learning Online and revisit theMAP Basic courses. The “Get Yourself Ready to Proctor” walks through the steps along with allowing you to practice prior to assessing with your students.

Bloodborn Pathgen and other e-Learning Courses

Here are the links for DEED training webinar:

If you need to create an e-learning account: https://eedelearning.asentialms.com/Register.aspx

If you already have an e-learning account: https://eedelearning.asentialms.com/

Once you log-in: The course is called Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens (#242097)

You can go to the Catalog and find it in the Required School District Trainings

Enroll, then you can select take the class

Policy Sex Offender Restrictions on School Property

Sex Offender/Child Kidnapper Registry

Other Links:

2019-20 Registration

2019-20 Migrant COE Form

Alaskan Native Materials from the Sally Jo Collins Museum in McGrath.

Power School For Teachers

Power School For Admin

NWEA for MAP Login

EED E-Learning


Alaska State Standards ( Current)

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Treatment & Recovery Resources in Alaska

IASD 504 Handbook

IASD Special Education Procedures (final)


Instructions for Food Worker Card

Dated August 20, 2019

To take the Food Worker exam and get a Food Worker card follow these steps.

Get online at http://dec.alaska.gov/eh/fss/food-worker-card/

Sign into your MyAlaska account (the same one you use to file for the PFD)

Instead of paying for the Food Worker Card, type in the invoice number below. There will be no payment necessary.

The invoice number for students and staff to take the test is:


If you have any questions, call Barb Deardorff in McGrath at 524-1227.


Leave Request

Purchase Requisitions

Employment Application

Permission Slip for Field Trip

Student Travel Agreement

IASD Registration Form

Chaperone Rights and Responsibilities

School Dude Maintenance Service Requests

Classified Temp Time Sheet

IASD Rental Agreement Form

Travel Form

Homeless Document

2019-2020 Student Registration Packet

Migrant Ed. COE Form

Classified Staff

IASD Classified Staff

Negotiated Agreement

Alaska Online Learning for Educators and Support Staff

Certified Staff

Power Teacher

IASD Certified Staff Negotiated Agreement

ClassBright Evaluate for Teachers (Log in)

Teacher Mandatory Trainings

Alaska Online Learning for Educators and Support Staff

Alaska State Standards

Evaluative Tools and Resources for Certified Staff

The 4 Rivers of Effective Instruction

4 Rivers Evaluation Tool (PowerPoint)

District Lesson Plan Template

District Lesson Plan Tutorial

Marzano Taxonomy with Verbs

Teacher Pre Conference Form

Teacher Post Conference Form

Additional Resources

Alaska Farm to School Website

Indian Ed Grant Letter/ParentsCTE Report

Theme-Based Learning

Eagle Eye Citizen

Google Calendar

PEAKS Test Preparation

Teaching Channel

Send me any links you would like to see here.