Welcome to a new year, a new moment for our Iditarod Area School District and our villages!

I choose to embrace and invite conversation. I invite it in tones that do not intimidate. I invite it in ways that are civil. I invite it in ways that support learning and understanding.

We are all here to learn and to grow. I encourage different viewpoints because they challenge our biases, and enable us to acknowledge and embrace different views. In doing so, we must safeguard against actions designed to silence communication and harm opportunities to learn, teach, research and work. Those kinds of actions are not our values in Iditarod.

Our schools and our communities belongs to all of us — not in spite of our multitude of experiences, political perspectives, national origins, backgrounds and identities— but because of them.

As a community of learners and teachers we share the responsibility each and every day to promote learning, facilitate opportunity, demonstrate integrity, and show compassion. We are here to learn, to listen and to take care of one another. We are Iditarod the Heart of Alaska.

Takotna Air Strip

Traveling to the sites and the adventure continues.

Lake Minchumina, Power Plant

Lake Minchumina, Power Plant