Beginning in August 2020, T.O.T.K.S. will be operating under a rotating block schedule. Students have been divided into four family groups to minimize possible transmission of Covid-19. The proposed schedule is shown below:

During the 30-minute break between student groups, desks, chairs, and doorknobs will be sanitized and bathroom counters will be cleaned. Supplies for each group will be kept in separate containers. By dividing students into household groups, we allow parents to control the level of risk they feel comfortable with, as we will not be requiring students to mingle during school hours.

This schedule gives each student an average of 9.4 hours of time in the classroom per week, working one-on-on or in groups of two with teachers. This one-on-one time will allow us to assess where students are after having missed a quarter of in-class time, and to work intentionally and intensely to bridge any gaps in learning and move forward. Work done in the classroom will be primarily Mathematics and Literacy but will incorporate Science and Social Studies.

For school days when students are not in the school building, they will have a variety of take-home assignments for P.E., Art, Science, and/or Social Studies that they will complete and bring back to school to be discussed in class the following day. In addition to these assignments, our Literacy Aide will schedule Lindamood Bell interventions and enrichment for students when they are not in a teacher’s classroom. These interventions will take place in a separate room that will also be sanitized between students.

Meals for students will be made and packaged ahead of time. If a group is present during the time at which a meal is usually eaten, they will eat in the classroom. For example, students who arrive at 8:00am may eat breakfast in the classroom, and students who arrive at 12:15pm may eat lunch in the classroom. All other meals will be counted and sent home to be eaten outside of the school building.

The intent of this schedule is to be mindful of student and family concerns regarding the pandemic, and to regain any ground that may have been lost during the uncertainty of last Spring. Student progress during the 1st quarter will be monitored, and at the end of the quarter the plan will be reevaluated and adjusted as needed.