Holy Cross

By: Travis Deimentieff & Addison Deimentieff

The snow is white as salt

You can see it fall from the sky

The smell is good as fall

The trees are dead

The leaves are gone

We have to look at it all day long

Holy Cross is a place to ride and go hunting

We can take a boat and fish

When it snows, we cannot see the road…

Holy Cross

By: Samuel Edwards & Jason Peters

The clouds cover the sky
The sun still shy

The snow is pouring down
All over town

The ground covered in white
You can see it at night

Surrounded by an abundance of trees
When walking around, you’ll feel a light-hearted breeze

What’s done in the night
It’ll be brought to the light

Snow Days

By Lindsey Turner & Kayla Arrow

Crazy winter days

Snow falls gently on the ground

Trees covered in white

Wind blowing cold

Quiet lonely days

Sweet, warm cocoa by the roaring fire

Warming my cold soul and heart

Hearing the crackles of the fire

In my cozy blanket

My dog by my feet

With all my thoughts

Thinking what I should do next