A Message From Connie A. Newman, IASD Superintendent.

Welcome to the Iditarod Area School District Website.  All of us in the district are genuinely committed to the students and communities we serve.  My colleagues strive to provide a meaningful and culturally relevant learning environment.  We endeavor to communicate with our parents, communities and tribal entities on behalf of our youth.  The district calendar, staff email addresses, progress updates and report cards can be accessed from our website.

I am honored to serve as the district superintendent for IASD and I thank each of you for the positive and gracious welcome.   

November 26, 2016

I am thankful and inspired by your commitment to improve student learning for every child in our villages.  I truly believe we are on the adventure of a lifetime of learning in the schools and I envision  success for every learner.  
There are three things that I would like to share with you.  First, I would like to introduce  our newest Regional Board members; Second there will be an outline of directions for accessing our district policies and Third, A brief review of the nine areas addressed in our regional policies will be listed.  
First, I would like to congratulate our two newest board members on their successful election  to the Iditarod Area School District (IASD) Regional Board of Education. Please welcome Sue Ann Nicholi, who is a resident of Grayling.  She has two students in school, Kevin Jr. and Amy.  And Alice Dale, who is  a resident of McGrath.  She has five students in school, Ella, Ulita, Ben, Cayla and Ana.  We are grateful to have them on our district team.  
Next is online location of district policies.  Our current web site address is located at www.iditarodsd.org.  When you connect to the site you will click on the department and links button.  Then you will scroll down to the IASD board policy link.  From there you can select which series you would like to review.  
So the series are numbered and organized from 0000 to 9000.  The 0000 series is where you will find the board goals-objectives and comprehensive plan.  Policy 1000 addresses community relations for the district.  Series 2000 provides guidelines for the administration.  Policy 3000 is  the business and non-instructional operations of the district.  4000 series has all the guidelines for all personnel working for the district.  An important one is 5000 which outlines policies for students. Another significant series is the 6000 series for meeting the instructional needs of the students.  Policy 7000 addresses new construction in our communities.  8000 series are guidelines for our local Advisory School Boards and 9000 series are the bylaws of the IASD Regional School Board.  
I hope you find this information helpful, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please call 524-1221 or email cnewman@iditarodsd.org.  
Thank you for your commitment to our youth and our communities,

Connie A. Newman, Superintendent