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Bitt will need(at least two weeks before your date of travel):
*Name of Airline that you will be traveling on for reservations closest to the beginning and end of the conference. (all changes/charges to hotel/airline reservations are the responsibility of the traveler)
*Name of the Hotel closes to the conference or the one that the conference is at, so that she could make reservations and get the special conference rate.
*A copy of the registration form for the Conference/Meeting that you will be participating in (with all parts that you will be attending checked). Either Britt or I will do the registration online.
You will receive a copy of your hotel/airline reservations and a confirmation of your conference registration when they are all done and also a copy of any purchase order associated with this travel.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have questions. The sooner we receive these requests the better.
Thank you,
C. Judy Vanderpool, Assistant Business Manager, A/P